Unlock The Benefits of CLA2000


Supports a Healthy Body Composition


A kind of lipid known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA2000) is often found in dairy products, beef, and other meals rich in polyunsaturated fats. Contrary to the outdated myth that meals heavy in fat are unhealthy, several types of fat are really good for your health. One of these unique lipids is CLA. According to several studies looking at the benefits of CLA, it may help maintain a healthy body composition.

Unlock The Benefits of CLA2000
Unlock The Benefits of CLA2000

 The Benefits of CLA2000

High-Quality Ingredients

Safflower oil, which naturally contains a negligible quantity of CLA2000, is used to make VitaPost CLA2000. Using a secret method, the CLA in safflower oil is concentrated to the high concentration seen in CLA 2000.

Exercise and diet support

'Omega' fatty acids, which are essential, are connected to the CLA fatty acid class. The essential fats in your diet are crucial.

United States-made

VitaPost CLA2000 is produced in the US at a GMP-compliant facility that is registered with the FDA. The recipe contains both indigenous and foreign ingredients.

What is CLA?

Foods rich in polyunsaturated fat include a collection of molecules known as CLA, which is basically what they are. CLA is often likened to 'omega' fatty acids (like omega-3 or omega-6), and it is recognized as a necessary fatty acid since the body cannot generate or synthesize it; instead, we must get it from food. It is well recognized that CLA2000 promotes healthy body composition. It may be challenging to acquire enough CLA since it is only found in a limited number of foods and can only be gained via diet. One efficient way to get enough quantities of CLA without consuming large amounts of red meat or dairy items is by taking CLA extract as a supplement.

Unlock The Benefits of CLA2000

I don't like taking soft gels. Have I got any other choices?

It is not advised to cut the soft gel in half since a significant amount of the liquid will be lost because the soft gel contains liquid. Avoid chewing on the soft gel. Although the CLA2000 capsule may be broken open and mixed with your favorite beverage or dish, we do not advise it due to the flavor.

Unlock The Benefits of CLA2000


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA2000) has been used successfully as a weight-reduction supplement for many years. According to research, CLA may increase metabolism, lower body fat, and enhance overall health. In comparison to a placebo group, one study indicated that consuming CLA supplements significantly reduced body fat. According to different research, using CLA supplements boosts lean muscle mass and enhances body composition.


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